Congress MLA Suresh Raje Viral Video Scandal Leaked Online Sparks Outrage

Congress MLA Suresh Raje’s Viral Video Scandal Leaked Online Sparks Outrage:- As we all know, recently a video has been viral and circulated on social media, which is related to Congress MLA Suresh Raje Viral Video. So, we have the most crucial information about the Congress MLA Suresh Raje’s Viral Video. In this article, we will go to share & discuss the Congress MLA Suresh Raje’s Viral Video Scandal Leaked Online Sparks Outages. All the details; are mentioned below, Read out this post till the end.

Congress MLA Suresh Raje’s Viral Video

As we all know, recently a video allegedly viral on the internet, which is related to the Congress MLA Suresh. In this obsessed video, a Congress MLA was allegedly seen in an objectionable position with a man. MLA claims that this video is highly edited using AI and morphed video. He was already politically and financially blackmailed by those, who recorded this video.  Congress MLA also looked at the legal action and blamed the BJP for all these controversies. 

Congress MLA Suresh Raje Viral Video Scandal Leaked Online Sparks Outrage

However, After all the situation State ministers and BJP leader Lonkendra Parashar Demanded former Chief Minister and State Congress President Kamal Nath to action and visualise this incident.  BJP leader Parshar emphasized that an elected representative is the icon for those individuals who have many aspirations to take action for their development and security. So, it is a required issue for those necessitating transparency in addressing such issues.

Congress MLA Suresh Raje Virla Video Leaked On Social Media- Overview

Article Name  Congress MLA Suresh Raje’s Viral Video Scandal Leaked Online Sparks Outrage
Viral Person Name  Suresh Raje
Profession  Political leader and NLA of Congress
Lekaed on  Sicla Media Platforms (Twitter, Telegram and Reddit)
Contituesy  Debra
Political Party  Congress
State  Madhya Pradesh
Year  2023
Suresh Raje Viral Video Link  Click Here
Official Page  Click Here 

Who is MLA Suresh Raje?

Suresh Raje is a well-known Congress leader & MLA of MP. He started a political journey officially in 2013 from BJP and contested the election, but he failed this year. Now, he is in Congress and ready to further gain the Imarti Devi is Assembly Lectio of the MP. He stands from the Dabra Constituency. He has strong dominance in the Babra region. Suresh Raje’s news is not only about the Election but also the leaked video which is circulating on the internet and causing outrage among the netizens. This Video of Suregs Raje Congress MLA with a boy in objectionable positions (Morphed).

Congress MLA Suresh Raje Leaked Video Scandal- Public Outrages

After being viral this video leaked on the internet. People are shocked as well as Suresh Raje. This video is continuously circulated on the Internet or various social media platforms. People have huge park outrages about this Viral Video candle of the Congress MLA Suresh Raje. People are raising many questions and they show their anger on the internet.

Many people also supported them but at the time of the MP election, their character faced unwanted challenges that harmed other image in the people. According to Suresh Raje, the overall incident was made to create COntroversy among the people for political and financial blackmail purposes. People troll him at a bad level and Raje still presents their intent on social media.

MLA Suresh Raje Video Scandal- Statement & Legal Action

Basically, after being viral and circulated on Social media, this scandal video has emerged as a political earthquake. On this incident, BJP spokesperson Narendra Saluja has said that an obscene video of a Congress MLA is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Congress will have to answer whether this is the culture of their party….? Similar misdeeds of many other big Congress leaders are also discussed in full swing in the market. It has to be seen when he will appear…?.

At this time, Suresh Raje has not reacted clearly in front of the Media, but he claimed that it was propaganda of the BJP to defame and denigrate MLA Suresh Raje in public.  According to him, it is also not a real video but is Morphed, which is edited by using AI. But, it is also beyond the AI use. All these things are clearly in the Video. They filed an FIR against the person who recorded the video and also ordered to police to investigate whole the case, which was organised by him.

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