JK EPM Portal Login & Registration Online @epm.jk.gov.in Portal, App Download

The government of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) introduced a new promising portal namely, Employee Performance Monitoring or JK EPM Portal in 2023. This platform is launched to check and monitor the efficiency of its state employees towards their respective responsibilities. The employees can access it through the official portal at epm.jk.gov.in and they will have to update their necessary information and updates regarding their jobs on the portal.

This responsibility is mandatory for all government employees of the state to upload their work records on a monthly basis. By the seventh day of every month, it is the responsibility of the employees to keep their details up-to-date on the given portal. You will get to know more important and full information about JK EPM Portal Login & Registration details further in this article, so read this till the end.

What is JK EPM PORTAL 2023?

The government of Jammu & Kashmir has introduced a new portal for state employees and named it as Employee Performance Monitoring Portal or (EMP). This platform’s initiative was done to facilitate the working of government employees and to keep their regular work updates. The eligible candidates will have to access the official portal through their official website, epm.jk.gov.in.

The eligibility of candidates is mentioned below in the article. Required information needs to be submitted on the portal by the 7th day of each month. Then there will be an official authority to check and keep their regular information. The authorized people would supervise them and helps in the evaluation of their skills and efficiency. Government workers need to make a registration and log in accordingly on the official EPM Portal so that their monthly performance can be evaluated online. More information regarding JK EPM Portal Login & Registration Online @epm.jk.gov.in Portal is given below, so check it out quickly.

JK EPM Portal Login & Registration Online @epm.jk.gov.in Portal, App Download

JK EPM Portal Login & Registration – Overview

Article About JK EPM Portal Login & Registration Online
Portal Name Employee Performance Monitoring Portal
Launch Year 2023
Launched by Government of J&K
UT Jammu & Kashmir
  • Resident of J&K
  • Government employees
Registration JK EPM Portal & App
Mode of registration Online
Purpose To check the efficiency of employees
Official Website @epm.jk.gov.in


The initiative by the Government of J&K is considered a significant step towards enabling a systematic review of employees on a regular basis. The information submitted by the employees is comprehensively be evaluating by the concerned authorities to check and monitor the efficiency and performance of workers in the Jammu & Kashmir region. The employees or officers of the state can only access the online portal and able to upload the details. Registration needs to be done by the workers online and start filling in all the details.

Moreover, the candidates are required to install SANDES mobile app and download it. It is a very significant way to keep an eye on them and also to improve the diligence of employees towards their work.

The primary objective of the JK EPM Portal and App is to assess the job performance of each state employee on a monthly basis. Employees who work in different departments will now be able to assess under evaluation by the state authority. It aims to keep an eye on them and supervise them accordingly.

Eligibility Criteria for JK EPM Portal 2023

The eligible candidates can access the online portal and able to update their necessary information. Here is the eligibility for users which need to be fulfilled:-

  • Applicants need to be from the state of Jammu & Kashmir.
  • The candidate must be a state or government employee.
  • Candidates need to update their details by the 7th day if each month.
  • Workers can be from different government departments such as Health, Education, Management, and others.

Benefits of this JK EPM Login Portal

  1. This portal will surely facilitate the self-assessment of employees and offer supervisors the to monitor and review them.
  2. It will help the government of the state to keep the records of its employees.
  3. Beneficial for employees as it would also address if there is any problem that arises.
  4. Its online systematic way will be helpful for both the employees and the government.
  5. Employees would be more responsible towards their work.

Documents Required for JK EPM PORTAL Registration

Here we have provided you with essential documents for the Employees Performance Monitoring Portal:-

  • You must upload your verified job details which include information like designation, job description, department of State, and others.
  • You must have your CPIS Id which is Centralized Personnel Information System for the employees of J&K state. It is a unique identifier number for all employees.
  • You must have your current active personal information like address, phone number, email address, and others.
  • You must upload your attendance verification that indicates your active presence during office work hours.
  • You must have your progress report at work.
  • You need to submit your records of training and others.

Procedure for JK EPM Portal Login & Registration Online:

Here are the instructions for the online registration of eligible candidates, follow these steps to complete your application at J&K EPM Portal;

  1. First, you need to visit the official website portal through epm.jk.gov.in.
  2. At the top right corner of the homepage, you will find the registration link, click on it
  3. Now, the next page will open on your screens, find the ‘new user’ option mentioned below the login button.
  4. A sign-up page would appear afterward, enter your CPIS ID which is the Centralized Private Info System ID (discussed above) and confirm it.
  5. The next page will show your details like your name and other particulars.
  6. Now enter the other necessary information on the form like name, email id, active phone number, and more.
  7. Click on submit button to further proceed, but purview all the information you entered.
  8. When you complete the submission of the online form, respective identification details will be sent to your mobile numbers.
  9. Subsequently, this information can be used to login on the official EPM website
  10. Note that it is mandatory for the eligible candidates to update their regular information by the 7th day of each month to ensure proper efficiency of the portal and work.

Steps to use SANDES App for JK EPM PORTAL

Here are the steps mentioned to access the SANDES APP on JK EPM PORTAL Login 2023:-

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your Android phones.
  2. Start by installing the ‘SANDERS’ App and download it
  3. After that, you can select either option for the mobile number or email id to log in as an OTP will be sent accordingly.
  4. The received OTP needs to be entered in the given section and proceed.
  5. Your login is successfully completed after OTP verification.
  6. Enter your personal information required like full name, profile photo, gender, and other mentioned details
  7. You also have the option to sync your contact list with the application.
  8. Finally, you are able to access the JK EPM Online Gateway by using this app.


Q.1 What is the new online portal for Jammu Kashmir employees?

  • The government has launched a new online portal by the name Employee Performance Monitoring Portal, eligible candidates can access it through the official website – epm.jk.gov.in

Q.2 What is JK EPM all about?

  • It is recently launched by the government of J&K for the state employees to monitor their work efficiently on a regular basis.

Q.3 Who is eligible to use the JK EPM portal?

  • The eligible candidates are those who reside in the state and are government employees in different departments.
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