Lalbagh Flower Show Tickets Booking 2023, Price of Per Ticket & Venues

Lalbagh Flower Show is Bangalore’s most popular show. It’s held on Independence Day (15 August) and Republic Day (26 January) in India. The Department of Horticulture and Mysore Horticulture Society host a flower display at Lalbagh Botanical Garden in Bangalore. This site contains information about online ticket booking for Lalbagh Flower Show 2023, the event’s venue, ticket prices, and more.

Lalbagh Flower Show Tickets Booking Online 2023

First things first: if you want to go to the Lalbagh Flower Exhibition in Bangalore, you have to make sure that you get your tickets for the event in advance. You can do this by calling the venue ahead of time or by visiting their website. In this section, we will provide you with all of the information you require to effectively place an online order for tickets to the Lalbagh Flower Show. If you are interested in finding out more information regarding this amazing topic, continue reading.

Overview Lalbagh Botanical Garden in Bengaluru, Karnataka

Name of Event Lalbagh Flower Show
Year 2023
Venue of the Event  Lalbagh Botanical Garden 
Organizers of the Event Department of Horticulture and Mysore Horticulture Society
The event was conducted on the Occasion The Republic Day and Independence Day of India
State  Karnataka
County India
Timing of the show 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Nearest Bus stand Kempegowda bus station
Nearest Airport  Kempegowda International Airport
Nearest Metro Station Mavalli
Lalbagh Botanical Garden Official Website
Online Ticket Booking Link Click Here

Lalbagh Botanical Garden Visiting Hours and Entry Fees

The Lalbagh Botanical Garden occupies a total area of 96 hectares (240 acres). The garden known as Lalbagh features a diverse assortment of plants and flowers of many different kinds. More than a thousand plants of a wide variety of species are housed in the Lalbagh garden; these plants were gathered from all over the world and brought there for display. Horticulture in the Lalbagh botanical garden encompasses over 670 plant genera and approximately 1850 plant species.

The Lalbagh is home to a number of rare plant species, including Artocarpus heterophyllus, Amherstia Nobilis, Cassia fistula, Dillenia Indica, and Bixa Orellana, among others.

For Publics Morning 9AM to Evening 6PM Rs 25/person (above 12 years)
For Walkers Morning 5AM to 9AM and Evening 4PM to 7PM

Various Attractive Things in Lalbagh

  1. It is also known as the Jewel of Garden City, and the architectural structure of the glass house is quite similar to that of the Crystal Palace in London. Because of this, the glass house is considered to be the most appealing feature of Lalbagh.
  2. Flower clock – The flower clock was constructed in 1983, and this clock is embellished with lovely and vibrant flowers; it is also the focus of the attention of tourists.
  3. Lalbagh Lake: The Lalbagh garden is home to its very own natural lake, which goes by the name Lalbagh Lake. This lake has a depth of 3.5 metres and is spread out over an area that is equivalent to 40 acres of land. The scene at Lalbagh lake is really picturesque and calming to look upon.
  4. Topiary Garden is a charming place for kids to play that has been created. The most beautiful plants to grow in this area are junipers and cypress. Which take the form of a variety of creatures, including lions, tigers, elephants, and others, among other examples.
  5. There is a fossil of a tree that was transported from Tamil Nadu. It is the carbonised trunk of a coniferous tree and is around 20 million years old.
  6. Pigeon House: Another building found in the Lalbagh, this one is in the shape of a cylinder and is known as the pigeon house. Which was designed specifically for pigeons and has room for around one hundred pigeon pairs at a time.

More Enchanting Features of the Lalbagh Bonsai Garden

  • The garden features over 700 bonsai plants of a wide variety of types. All of these plants range in age from roughly five to thirty-five years, and they are all displayed during the flower show.
  • It is located at the western entrance to the Lalbagh garden, and it resembles a guardroom due to its structural shape, which is that of a lantern made of graphite. This gives it the appearance of being a guardroom.
  • In the vicinity of the West Gate of the Lalbagh garden is a tree known as a bombax tree. Visitors are drawn in by the massive tree.
  • It is estimated that Lalbagh Rock is approximately three thousand million years old, making it one of the oldest Peninsular Gneiss rocks in the world.

Lalbagh Flower Show 2023 – Bangalore- FAQ

Where exactly did this well-known flower display event take place, and when?
The Lalbagh Botanical Garden in Bengaluru is the location of the event known as the Flower Show.

Q.2 Which days and times does this show take place every week?
Answer: This gathering takes place during the month of August each and every year.

The entrance to the Lalbagh Flower Show is free of charge, but do tickets need to be purchased?
Answer: Yes, you will need to purchase a ticket in order to enter the Lalbagh Flower Show.

Q.4 May guests enter this garden at any time during the year?
The answer is yes; guests are welcome to visit this garden at any time of the year.

5. What is the Lalbagh Flower Show’s most alluring feature, and why should I go?
The answer is that the Lalbagh Flower Show has a lot of interesting stuff on display.

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