Mi Honar Superstar Season 2 Audition 2023 & Online Registration Date

Auditions for Mi Honar Superstar 2023 and online registration From January 2023, Star Pravaha will debut a brand-new singing reality television series. In a few weeks, “Mi Honar Superstar,” a new TV programme, will premiere. You can find information about the Mi Honar Superstar 2023 Auditions & Registration in this post.

Mi Honar Superstar Audition 2023

We are providing you with information about the Mi Honar Superstar Audition 2023 in this blog post today. Apply now via the official pravah.startv.com website if you want to take part in the second season.

This singing reality TV programme will rank among the top singing reality TV programmes in Maharashtra. For this event, registration has already begun.

Mi Honar Superstar Season 2 Audition 2023 Eligibility Criteria

  • Participants in Mi Honar Superstar will need to be talented singers in order to register for the competition.
  • They must be older than 21 to participate.
  • Participants in the Mi Honar superstar competition are required to upload a video of themselves auditioning to the website startv.com.erstar.
  • Now look down below for a detailed explanation of each step.
  • Candidates are required to familiarise themselves with every aspect of Star pravah Mi Honar Superstar.
  • Find out how you can sign up for the upcoming singing reality show on television, and we will tell you all about the audition process.

Mi Honar Superstar Auditions Online Registration

  • Visit the official website of the channel or pravah.startv.com in order to register for the Star Pravah Mi
  • Honar Superstar competition. Interested candidates can find more information there.
    In addition to that, you can use the REGISTER button.
  • On the homepage of the website, the registration form will be made available to users.
  • You will be required to write down your phone number in the first step, after which you will be given a one-time password.
  • After that, you can begin entering fundamental information about yourself, such as your name, date of birth, age, gender, and address.
  • Remember to include your email address and a mobile phone number that can be reached.
  • In addition to this, you are required to discuss your occupation, designation, and educational qualification.
  • In the final stage, you will be asked to make a list of the languages that you are fluent in.
  • In addition to this, candidates who are interested will be required to write about their favourite singer and the genres of music that they listen to.
  • ¬† ¬† If they choose to study music, it is necessary for them to acknowledge this fact as well.

Key Points of Mi Honar Superstar Auditions 

  • If you have received instruction in music, you will be required to write the name of your Guru. This is a requirement.
  • When did you first start singing, what made you stop singing, and who would be the happiest if they thought you’d start singing again now that you’ve stopped?
  • Participate actively in your interests, hobbies, and talents simultaneously. whereas you will also provide them with information regarding your building.
  • In the very last step, you will be required to transfer the video of your audition. The video should not be larger than 50 megabytes in size at any point.
  • They will make a decision about you for the process that will follow. If the show’s official production team decides to pick it, then your application might be considered.
  • Contacting us will allow you to obtain additional information regarding the ground audition for Mi Honar Superstar.
  • Stay here for further information regarding the major television reality shows’ audition processes.
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