Nandini Milk Franchise 2023 Cost, Milk Parlour / Booth Dealership Contact Number

How do I apply for a Nandini Milk franchise in 2023, and what is the cost? Also, what is the contact number for a milk parlor or booth Dealership in Bangalore?

The distribution of Milk’s products takes place under the Nandini brand name. Karnataka Cooperative milk producers Federation Limited, more commonly abbreviated as KMF, is the entity that owns this business. In some circles, this is also referred to as KMF Nandini. This company focuses primarily on the distribution of dairy products across the nation.

Nandini is an Indian milk and milk product brand produced by the KCMPF. Follow these steps to become a Nandini dealer. Contact the KCMPF about dealerships. You can contact KCMPF by visiting its website and clicking a link, or by calling its customer service number. Provide the KCMPF with registration and financial documents. A form may also be required. Train and certify to become a Nandini milk dealer. Once approved, you can sell Nandini milk and milk products in your area.

Nandini Milk Dealership 2023

In order to become a dealership for Nandini milk, you will need to contact the KCMPF and express your interest in becoming a dealer. This may involve filling out an application form and providing information such as your business registration details and financial information. You may also need to complete any necessary training or certification programs in order to become a Nandini milk dealer.

If you are interested in the cost of a Nandini Milk Dealership, the contact number, the cost of a Nandini Milk Parlour Franchise, the cost of a Booth Franchise, and Distributorship, then you can read this post carefully and obtain all of the details. Other information that may be of interest to you includes the cost of a Booth Franchise.

Highlihts Of Nandini Milk Franchise

Company KMF
Article Nandini milk Dealership
Type of business Dairy
State Karnataka
Commission percentage 5%
Started form 1974
The total number of franchises is 878+
Franchise Times 6 years
To set up Infrastructure Within Two Months
Product range Wide
Applicant Age Not Less than 21 Years
WhatsApp number 7899 683 696
Official website
Toll-free Number 1800 425 8030

Nandini Milk Agency Dealership Application FormĀ 

To apply for a dealership with Nandini Milk, you may be able to do so through the KMF Nandini website at On the website, you may be able to find information on how to become a dealer, as well as any application or registration forms that you may need to complete. If you have any difficulties finding this information or have any other questions, you may want to try contacting Nandini Milk directly for assistance.

  • To franchise Nandini milk, visit
  • Contact information is on the homepage. Click it Now to open contact us. Here’s the contact form.
  • Fill out this form with your name, organization, profession, address, country, phone number, and email id.
  • In the message box, describe Nandini milk. Click submit.

Infrastructure requirements Of Nandini milk ParlorĀ 

To set up a Nandini Milk parlor, you will likely need to meet certain infrastructure requirements. These requirements may vary depending on the specific type of parlor you want to open and the location where you want to set it up. Some common infrastructure requirements for a Nandini Milk parlor may include:

  • A suitable location for the parlor, such as a storefront or other visible, easily accessible location with enough space for the parlor and any necessary equipment
  • The size of the parlour should be between approximately 150 and 250 square feet in area.
  • Refrigeration equipment to store and display the milk products
  • A counter or other service area for serving customers
  • Seating or other amenities for customers, such as tables and chairs or a lounge area
  • A payment system, such as a cash register or card reader
  • Sinks and other necessary plumbing for cleaning and sanitizing equipment
  • Adequate lighting and ventilation
  • Any necessary licenses or permits to operate the parlor, which may vary depending on your location

These are just some examples of the infrastructure requirements that you may need to meet to set up a Nandini Milk parlor. If you have any specific questions or need more detailed information, you may want to try contacting Nandini Milk directly for assistance.

Nandini milk Franchise Cost and Investment

Also on their official website, there is no information regarding franchise fees to be found. You can get in touch with their official telephone numbers and inquire about the franchise fee.

You will need to make an investment of approximately 10 lakhs to 20 lakhs rupees in order to open a Nandini milk parlour or Booth. This is just a rough estimate of the value.

Nandini Milk Franchisee contact number

  • Number to call free of charge: 1-800-425-8030 (10:00 a.m. To 5:30 p.m.)
  • The government is closed on the second Saturday and Sunday of each month, as well as on official holidays.
  • The following contact information has been provided: telephone number: 080 260 96800 fax number: 080 255 36105 WhatsApp number: 7899 683 696
  • email address: [email protected]
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