Adventure Island In Delhi 2022: A Memorable Vacation For Friends And Family

Adventure Island In Delhi: If you, too, find yourself growing weary of your usual routine, it is in your best interest to break away from it for a while and devote that time to engaging in some exciting pursuits. Even while many individuals do not receive extended breaks from their jobs, it is still not possible for all of them to travel to the hill station or other tourist destination. People who live in and around the capital city of Delhi but are unable to make extensive trip plans due to their hectic schedules will find that Adventurer Island Delhi is the perfect place to go on vacation.

2022 Adventure Island In Delhi
2022 Adventure Island In Delhi

The tourists who travel to Adventure Island In Delhi should also stop by this location while they’re there. People of all ages may have a good time at Adventure Island, which is a fun and amusement park in the Rohini neighbourhood of Delhi’s capital city. The park features a wide range of interesting activities, including amusement rides and a variety of fun activities.

Adventure Island In Delhi 2022

Both locals and visitors to Delhi will find that Adventure Island is the perfect place for a day trip. It can be found in New Delhi’s Rohini neighbourhood, directly across the street from the Rithala Metro Station. The Adventure Island In Delhi offers a wide variety of exciting rides and other activities that are suitable for guests of all ages. The amusement park and the lagoon or artificial lake that make up Adventure Island are separated from one another by a bridge. Together, they take up a total of 62 acres of land on the Adventure Island property.

Adventure Island In Delhi 2022

Thrill seekers are welcome at the amusement park, but those looking for something truly special to do on the water should head to the Lagoon. This location has been used in the production of several well-known Bollywood films, such as Ladies vs. Ricky Bahl, PK, and Pyar Ka Punchnama. The amusement park upholds the safety standards established by the European Union, which are recognised worldwide.

The Overall Picture Of Adventure Island In Delhi

LocationSector-10, Rohini, New Delhi; directly across from the Rithala Metro Station.
TypeEntertainment and Attraction Park.
Distance From Significant Transportation HubsA Distance Of 500 Metres From The Rithala Metro Station.
TimingsDaily, between the hours of 11:00 AM and 7:00 PM (Timings may change depending on weather conditions).
Charges For Entry And Tickets* The price of an unlimited ticket is as follows: INR 550 per person on weekdays for adults and children; INR 600 per person on weekends and gazetted holidays for adults and children; and INR 350 per person for senior citizens (All days).
* The price of an entry-only ticket is INR 300 per person (INR 100 per ride inside the park for one-time enjoyment).
Discounts and Deals* Tickets may be purchased on Tuesdays for a flat charge of INR 399 per person through the Happy Tuesday Offer, which is available for both online and offline booking.
* Midnight Jackpot Offer (Online Booking): For a maximum of six individuals at a time, the first one hundred tickets that are booked online between the hours of 11:00 pm and 2:00 am receive a flat discount of fifty percent. Tickets priced for senior citizens are excluded from this promotion.
* Happy Hours (Regular): The price of tickets begins to drop between the hours of 5:00 and 7:00. The price of a ticket is fixed at INR 350 for each individual. Only accessible if admission falls during the window of time between five and six o’clock in the evening.
Deals For The Season* In the monsoon season, general admission tickets are 22% off when booked in advance online.
* Unlimited tickets are available for INR 449 per person during the week and INR 499 per person on the weekends with the Spring Offers (online and offline booking) (Weekends). Ticket prices for Senior Citizens will continue at INR 350 (about $4) each.
Rides* There are many rides aimed towards adults, such as Z-Force, Side Winder, Sky Riders, Lightning Bolt, Space Jump, Climbing Wall, Wild Wheel, Splash Down (Water Ride), and others.
* Attractions for children and families include the Cyclone, Air Pogo, Wave Rocker, Kids Bumper Cars, Bungee Trampoline, Tiny TV Transit, Fire Brigade, Bush Buggies, Splash Dunk (Water Ride), and more.
* Attractions centred around water, such as the Amazon Mist Forest, SHA LA LA, Splash Pool, H2O, and other similar attractions.
ATTRACTIONS (with the ticket price)Carousal, Click Art Museum, Aqua Bump (Water Ride) and Swan Boat (Water Ride).
Recommended Time To SpendAt Least 3 Hours.
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Adventure Island In Delhi: Location, Entry Fee, Ticket Prices, and Timing

The neighbourhood of Rohini in Delhi is where you’ll find Adventure Island. The Rithala metro station is the one that is located the furthest away from this Adventure Island In Delhi location. The following is a rundown of the many components that make up the Adventure Island admission fee:

GroupNormal DaySaturdaySundayOfficial Holidays
ChildrensRs 550Rs 600Rs 600Rs 600
AdultsRs 550Rs 600Rs 600Rs 600
Senior CitizensRs 350Rs 350Rs 350Rs 350

Timing Of Adventure Island In Delhi

Park Opening HoursMorningEvening
Regular Days11:00 AMSeven O’Clock
Happy Hours5:00 PM7:00 PM

Attractions Of Adventure Island In Delhi

In Adventure Island In Delhi, people of all ages may enjoy the amusement park rides and other exciting attractions thanks to the park’s accessibility. The following is the primary allure of this location:

1. Adult Ride: You and your entire family will have a great time at Adventure Island In Delhi thanks to the wide variety of exciting rides and attractions that are available there. The stomach-churning ‘Z-Force,’ the dizzying ‘Side Winder,’ and ‘Sky Riders,’ which provide a simulated driving experience in the air, are ideal for testing the nerves of people who have recently experienced a surge of adrenaline. You can also put your skeletal and muscular strength, as well as your driving ability, to the test by participating in the “Climbing Wall” and the “Wild Wheel,” respectively.

adult ride

2. Water Rides: After several rides that are sure to get your heart racing, cool off and get your sweat off by going on a few water rides with your loved ones. Your children will have a great time meeting their favourite Cartoon Network characters if you take them to the “Amazon Mist Forest” attraction. Gather your crew for a fun time doing the rain dance in the ‘SHA LA LA,’ and get down to some upbeat music. When you are ready to unwind, head on over to the “Splash Pool” and take it easy at Adventure Island In Delhi together. You can verify the Water Kingdom’s hours and admission prices by going to their website.

water ride

3. Kids And Family Rides: Toy train rides like “Tiny TV Transit” are extremely well-liked among young children. The ‘Kids Bumper Cars’ and the ‘Fire Brigade’ rides, which are adorable miniature fire trucks, will provide the youngsters with the driving and riding adventures they are looking for. With ‘Air Pogo,’ you can give your young children their first taste of what it’s like to be a pilot. The young children who are full of energy will have a great time passing the time by sliding down the “Splash Dunk” kiddie water slide or bouncing on the “Bungee Trampoline.”

A large family can enjoy the simulated motion of a rocking ship on the ‘Wave Rocker,’ while a smaller family can make use of the ‘Bush Buggies’ to go throughout the Adventure Island In Delhi and take in its natural splendour.


4. Paid Attractions: The paid attractions include additional Adventure Island In Delhi ticket values that may be purchased on location as well as a few unforgettable experiences. The unusual “Click Art Museum” is a treat for the eyes thanks to its colourful paintings and atmosphere similar to that of an art gallery. The ‘Carousel’ is an attraction that is reminiscent of a glitzy carnival and features a variety of animals that rotate around a central axis. Only children between the ages of 4 and 12 are permitted to ride on this traditional amusement park attraction.

Both the enticing rain dance in the enormous “Aqua Bump” and the boat ride over the picturesque Lagoon in the “Swan Boat” are nearly impossible to miss.

Additional Amenities Available On Adventure Island In Delhi

1. Planet Pogo: As a result of a partnership with Turner Network Television, Adventure Island In Delhi features a section that has been customised and given the name “Planet Pogo.” It contains a multi-purpose amphitheatre that is dubbed the “MAD (Music, Acrobatics & Dance) Theatre,” and it especially presents mysterious and thrilling presentations of magic tricks, dance and musical performances, clown acts, fire shows, and other amusing acts. In addition, there is something called “Pogo Plaza,” which is a place where children can engage with life-sized reproductions of their favourite characters from cartoons.

2. Metro Walk: There are more activities besides adrenaline-pumping rides at Adventure Island In Delhi that will keep you entertained throughout the day. The adjacent “Metro Walk” is a one-of-a-kind idea that provides a one-of-a-kind retail shopping adventure for customers. Forrec, based in Canada, was the company that conceived of and designed it. This open urban marketplace is over 2 lakh square feet in size and offers a variety of places to shop, dine, and be entertained across its expansive footprint.

metro walk

A wide selection of local, national, and international brand outlets are available for consumers’ shopping needs. You can also pick to refill your energies at the food court or dine on high-quality cuisines at one of the restaurants here. Both options are available to you.

Places Of Interest Close To Adventure Island In Delhi

  • Coronation Park (11 km)
  • Moments Mall (11 km)
  • D Mall (1.9 km)
  • North Ex Mall (2.8 km)
  • Japanese Park or Swarn Jayanti Park (600 m)
  • Jwalaheri Market (10.5 km)
  • Pitampura District Park (5.9 km)

A visit to Adventure Island In Delhi will undoubtedly be one of your most memorable vacations because to the abundance of fun things to do within the park as well as in the surrounding area. There is no question that Adventure Island is deserving of a spot on your agenda, whether you are planning a day trip, a fast weekend escape, or anything in between.

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