Wonderla Bangalore: New Ticket Prices, Ride Timings, And More Important In 2022

Wonderla Bangalore: An full day spent in an amusement park looks like this: there are exciting rides, wave pools, and a whiff of the past. As children growing up in the 1990s, we always looked forward to the years when we would finally be old enough to attend school picnics at an exciting amusement park rather than a dull play park or museum. Oh, how I miss the good old days! If you are also able to relate these events from your past, then a trip to one of these places will provide you with the much-needed opportunity to get together with your extended family or old school buddies.

Wonderla Bangalore Amusement Park
Wonderla Bangalore Amusement Park

In the event that you find yourself in Bangalore, Wonderla Park is the place to go. Wonderla Bangalore has a wide variety of attractions, including high-thrill rides, haunted homes, and incredibly entertaining water rides, all of which are sure to keep you hopping for excitement for the entirety of the day. If, on the other hand, you want to spend more than a single day at the large park and see everything it has to offer, a stay at the Wonderla Resort Bangalore is a possibility.

Are you completely ecstatic and thrilled? Let’s go on an excursion to one of the most well-known amusement park chains in Bangalore so that I may recommend certain rides and attractions to you.

Rides At Wonderla Bangalore (Land)

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Stick to the land rides if you don’t like being wet; that’s what we recommend for anybody else. These amusement park rides are examples of cutting-edge design and construction techniques. Consequently, you may rest guaranteed that you will have all of the fun and none of the terrifying moments, provided that you avoid venues that are designed to induce the thrill and fun quotients respectively.

The Termite Coaster and Train, the Techno Jump, the Dungeon Ride, the Hang Glider, the Pirate Ship, and Cinemagic 3D are some of the most unique and exciting land rides, and you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to experience them. Another one of the most well-known attractions in Wonderla Bangalore area is the Musical Fountain and Laser Show.

In addition to those that have already been listed, the most recent addition is Techno Jump. It features 14 spokes, and each of those spokes is connected to an open capsule that has the potential to accommodate three individuals. Now picture the spoke rotating clockwise. Is it acceptable? You are able to deal with that, right? On this specific ride, however, not only do the individual spokes turn around, but the whole ride itself also rotates. Now, do you think you can withstand the excitement? Discover the answer for yourself by going to the Wonderla Bangalore park.

You can take your kids to Adventures of Chikku for a fun and different kind of family entertainment. An immersive cinematic experience, replete with motions and surround sound, that gives the viewer the impression that they are actually and not merely virtually a part of the film they are seeing. The Dungeon Ride is similar, with the exception that it gives you the impression that you are a part of a haunted home and is not for those who are easily frightened. As you get closer to the ride, you should brace yourself for the sound of shrieks that will be coming from Wonderla Bangalore.

Rides At Wonderla Bangalore (Water)

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Splash Pool! In just two words. Going to an amusement park where there is a splash pool but not using it is a complete waste of time and money. The one at Wonderla in Bangalore makes you boogie with your head pushed down. After travelling the full length of the lengthy tube, you will eventually emerge into a swimming pool. Does it sound interesting? Well it is! Other exhilarating water coasters that you simply must experience include the Boomerang, the Harakiri, the Fun Racers, the Uphill Racers, the Water Pendulum, the Twisters, and the Banded Kraits.

Both the Wavy and the Vertical Fall are certain to be remembered as the scariest water slides that anyone has ever experienced. Due to the fact that this ride involves being dumped into a pool from a height equivalent to the top of a six-story building through a slide, I personally have never had the courage to experience it. Because of gravity, you won’t even have time to realise it before you’re submerged in the Wonderla Bangalore water park.

However, if you don’t feel like going for the thrill, you can either sway to hit songs in the Rain Dance or just lay around on a float in the meandering Lazy River. Both of these attractions are available. Alternately, there are the wave pools to consider. After experiencing all of the dizzying coasters, these may not be considered lazy, but they are definitely relaxing.

Rides At Wonderla Bangalore (High Thrill)

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You are about to embark on the experience of a lifetime, so get ready. Let it suffice to state that the extreme thrill rides are not designed for people who are easily scared. Stay away from the area if the constant turning and spinning will make it difficult for you to concentrate. Recoil should be your first stop when you go on a tour of the high thrill rides for those of you who are still reading about these.

This is a ride on a reverse roller coaster, which is sure to provide you with the most exciting experience of your life. It is also one of the most well-known and challenging rides in the entire amusement park. Wonderla Bangalore was the one who initially presented this idea to the world, and ever since then, it has been an overwhelming success.

The next attraction on the Wonderla Bangalore agenda is the Flash Tower, which despite being one of the most classic rides ever built can still be found in virtually every theme park. After taking you to a higher altitude, it will then let you free fall from a height of forty metres. Aside from these two, other high-thrill rides include Mixer, Insanity, Y-Scream, Hurricane, Equinox, Drop Zone, Maverick, and Wonderla Bamba. If you still have the strength after experiencing these two, you can explore the other high-thrill rides as well.

The Insanity ride will drive you completely nuts, while the Equinox will twist and turn you in every way simultaneously. The suspense that comes with riding most of these attractions comes from the fact that you have no idea when you will be dropped, twisted, or the ride itself will begin to circle.

Therefore, give in to the ride and the anticipation, and scream as loud as you want since these rides are guaranteed to stick in your head for a long time after you have left the park.

Rides At Wonderla Bangalore (Kids)

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The Wonderla Bangalore park is a popular location for school picnics and also provides for the requirements of the children that visit. Your young children will have a wonderful time on the Kiddie Rides because these amusements are not frightening and offer a lot of fun. Whether it’s the Mini Pirate Ship or the Magic Mushroom, there are lots of rides like this that youngsters will have a great time on.

Other attractions that can be found in this sector include the Moon Walker, Jumping Frog, Funky Monkey, Flying Jumbo, Carousel, Convoy, and Lion Swing. Mini Venice, Merry Ghost, and Mini Express are all located in this zone.

The Wonderla Restaurant, Bangalore

Wonderla Bangalore Restaurant

After going on all of those hair-raising rides and feeling the adrenaline rush throughout your body, you are going to want to take a break and get some rest. There is nothing that does this more effectively than food, and Wonderla offers a large number of restaurants that serve a variety of cuisines. You may get a delicious breakfast at the Park View Restaurant to get your day started off right at the park. It is located at the main entrance and offers a straightforward selection of South Indian cuisine’s most famous dishes.

You have a few options to select from when it comes to eateries for your lunch and any snacks that you might want in between meals. You have access to a diverse range of options, like the Chinese cuisine offered at Chillies Restaurant and the entirely vegetarian fare presented at Greens Restaurant, to name just two examples. If you find yourself spending a lot of time in the Wave Pool (like I did during my school picnics), you might be able to spare a couple of hours to head to the Waves Restaurant and stuff your face with scrumptious kebabs and biryani.

This is the best restaurant to go to if you need a break and want to keep an eye on your children because it has a view of the Wave Pool. In addition to these establishments, there is also Courtyard Restaurant, which focuses on preparing several types of biryani. In the Wonderla Bangalore event that you simply cannot go a day without enjoying a piece of pizza, Crazy Pizza has you covered with its wide selection of incredibly sinful and delicious pies.

Wonderla Bangalore Location

This location is precisely listed on Google Maps, so all you need to do to get to the park is enter this location and follow the directions.

Wonderla Bangalore, Mysore Road, 28th Km, Bengaluru, Karnataka 562109

The Entry Fee To Wonderla Bangalore In 2022

Are you already looking forward to a day packed with exciting adventures at this park? Then, in that case, the following is the information you require concerning the Wonderla ticket booking process as well as the rates.

One has the option of purchasing either Regular tickets or Fastrack tickets. Both types of tickets are available for purchase. The latter option is designed for folks who despise having to wait in lines that are really long. This one will cost you a bit more money than the others, but it is well worth it, particularly on days when the amusement park is quite crowded. Additionally, because there are only a certain amount of Fastrack tickets available, it is strongly recommended that you purchase them in advance.

Ticket Prices For Wonderla Bangalore In 2022

Normal Season (Weekdays)Prices
Adult Regular₹ 890
Child* Regular₹ 720
Senior Citizen (60-69 years)₹ 670
Senior Citizen (70 years & above)₹ 445
Defence₹ 710
Fastrack Adult₹ 1335
Fastrack Child*₹ 1080
Normal Season (Weekends/Holidays)Prices
Adult Regular₹ 1120 + 18% GST
Child* Regular₹ 905
Senior Citizen (60-69 years)₹ 840
Senior Citizen (70 years & above)₹ 560
Defence₹ 895
Fastrack Adult₹ 1680
Fastrack Child*₹ 1360
Peak SeasonPrices
Adult Regular₹ 1185
Child* Regular₹ 960
Senior Citizen (60-69 years)₹ 890
Senior Citizen (70 years & above)₹ 595
Defence₹ 950
Fastrack Adult₹ 1780
Fastrack Child*₹ 1440

Note: * 18 per cent GST applicable on all tickets
** Peak Season – 8th October – 21st October 2021, 22nd December 2021- 1st January 2022

Wonderla Bangalore Timings:

After ticket costs, the park timings that are listed below are the next most crucial item to know, and they are as follows:

Normal Season: During the regular season, we are open from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm on weekdays, and from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm on weekends and holidays.

Peak Season: During the busiest times of the year, from 11 am to 7 pm.

Normal Season Weekdays: Wonderla Bangalore’s water park is open from 12:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. daily (normal season weekdays).

Peak Season And Normal Season (Weekends/Holidays): Wonderla Bangalore’s Water Park is open from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm (during peak season as well as during normal season on weekends and holidays).

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